July 2003 archive

The Healing Continues

Hello everyone, “The Husband” again. Meryl as requested that I post that she recovering but is experiencing severe vertigo. She apologizes for her slow response to e-mails and requests and asks that you bear with her. Thank you.

They Have Rebuilt Her

Hello everyone, this is Paul “the husband” reporting in to let everyone know that Meryl is recovering well. She reported to the hospital at 5:oh my G-d 30, and answered the same questions from different people 14 times. We were originally told that surgery was going to be 2 hours, however, she was rolled into …

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Post-Surgery Info

Every patient recovers differently, but I wanted to get an idea of what to realistically expect after the surgery, which takes two to three hours. This is what Anne who had her surgery on July 7, 2003 had to say about her experience: I also had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am. I …

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Sound Decision Site and Sounds

Jeff did a great job sharing his experience with a cochlear implant in A Sound Decision. This link takes you to the page that demonstrates what saying a sentence sounds like through regular hearing, a hearing aid, hook up day, a few days later, and two weeks later. To me, it all sounds the same …

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Three More Days

<Deep breath> Whew. Found out today that I should get hooked up the week of August 11. What a week that’s going to be considering my oldest starts school that week. Still waiting for the phone call about the time of the surgery. It’s lucky that I am doing this while on maternity leave. The …

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CI Resources

When I started researching cochlear implants last fall, I found a couple of great discussion groups where I learned from others’ experiences and stories. There are two good ones I recommend: Cochlear’s Forum for those considering a cochlear implant, and individuals who have a cochlear implant and their relatives (especially parents of deaf children). Coclear …

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Health Insurance Gripe

Unbelievable. We get a call from the hospital’s finance office asking how we want to pay and if I am outpatient or inpatient (it’s outpatient, unless there is a problem). Well, from what we understand, insurance was supposed to pay for the whole deal. According to the hospital, this is the first time an HMO …

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Here are my audiograms from 1988, 1992, and 1999. 1988 part 1 medium large 1988 part 2 medium large 1992 medium large 1999 medium large The conclusion? I’m gosh darn deaf. 🙂 Seriously, my hearing hasn’t changed since birth. Maybe a drop. Other test results: Lipreading and hearing test — 100% Lipreading / no hearing …

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Open for Business

Date: July 21, 2003. So? I get a cochlear implant. The victim: my right ear. 33 years after I was diagnosed with a profound hearing loss, I’m taking a step towards to hearing better. My hearing aids have been good to me. I could hear music, voices, rain, dogs barking, and babies crying. After much …

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