October 2003 archive

One Year after Girl's CI

KXAN checks in with Hailey after One Year Of Hearing. In my day, I broke the cords on my hearing aids when I was an infant. Hailey, a CI’er, took her implant off many times a day. She was a year old when she had the implant and the first four months were rough, but …

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Sweet Nothings

Talk To The Hand is a review of a play in Minneapolis about a deaf mother and son and a hearing father who embraces the deaf culture. A doctor suggests looking into a cochlear implant and the plot thickens.

Reading eBooks

Here’s a great way to practice listening skills. Download the free Microsoft Reader and it’ll read books out loud while highlighting the text. Currently, they’re offering free eBooks every week, but these aren’t read out loud. But, I’d be willing to buy books to practice listening. Unfortunately, my @()#*$ sound driver isn’t working right. Gotta …

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ESPrit 3G

I went in for a MAPping session and walked away with a ESPrit 3G. This is the behind the ear device. In other words, no more cord to get caught on things or for baby to grab and no pager-sized device pulling down my clothes! I’m disappointed because I wanted the silver one and got …

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A Dad's Story

In the article, there is a nice interactive graphic depicting how an implant works. I am still making progress by hearing sounds better that I could scarcely hear before like the microwave oven beeping and the egg timer. There continues to be times when I can’t take the noise and I have to shut off …

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Different Opinions on CIs

Iowans share their opinions on cochlear implants and this opinion is reflective of the country, not just Iowa. My opinion is that the person should do what he decides is best for him.

Famous Deaf Gal

OK, so she is the second most famous deaf person. Heather Whitestone McCallum is in the news again since she had an implant over a year ago. A message worth hearing briefly shares her story. The most famous deaf person? I’d say Marlee Matlin. She gets most of the deaf roles in Hollywood.