November 2003 archive

Elliot's Story

I read about Elliot in this article from the Denver Post. His mother is right about the statement that “deaf people can’t use regular phones or pay phones” being wrong. It was a blanket statement. There are still plenty like me who can’t use the phone… yet. Anyway, the site talks about screening, candidacy, the …

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Youngsters and Music Teachers

From the Delaware News Journal: For some young patients, implants work wonders. I envy the youngsters because they get the training they need to make the most of the implant. As a mom of three working two jobs, I haven’t had time to practice listening skills, which is why the updates have been slow coming. …

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Operator! Operator!

As one who uses a relay service to make phone calls, I prefer to connect with humans instead of dealing the mile long recorded-message hell. It takes a long time for the operator to type the entire recording and by the time it ends, the phone has hung up. 1-800-Annoy me now shares a few …

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