April 2004 archive

Talking about Hearing People

People with hearing loss are often talked about when we’re among a hearing crowd. Don’t argue — just take my word for it. Well, a group decided to talk about their pet peeves with hearing people in the Deafbase Forums.

Party on!

Let’s get on the lighter side today and think about What does a deaf rave sound like? When I had a stereo in my room with a three-foot-tall speaker, I loved pressing my ear against it to hear with my naked ear instead of my hearing aids for a change. Good vibrations! [Via Boing Boing …

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Emotional Factors of Hearing Loss

Emotional Factors of Hearing Loss is an insightful article into how hearing loss impacts a person’s emotional state from depression to unhappiness. The facts it addresses apply not only to those who lose their hearing later in life (which is harder to contend with as they have lost something), but also to those born with …

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Relay Scamming

Whoa! A colleague sent me a link to Telepocalypse: A deaf ear, which discusses a scam taking advantage of a service for the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and those who have trouble speaking. How did I miss this considering it was Slashdotted? I read some of the comments. One person recommended making the relay service a 900-service …

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Dear Abby

From today’s Dear Abby: DEAR ABBY: I was at a dinner party recently. One of the guests, who was totally deaf, was completely ignored. Not once did anyone attempt to include him in the conversation. I don’t know how he stood it. After dinner I talked to him. He told me he is used to …

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Movie Chains and Captioning

Two Movie Chains Agree To Captioning for Deaf in Washington, DC area theaters. I used to live in Washington, DC. Too bad it didn’t happen in the six long years I lived there. It’s understandable this is happening there and not elsewhere as the area does have a large deaf population. We have a couple …

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Video Games Aiding Hearing

Now I don’t have to feel guilty about all those video games I played as a kid and any that I play as an adult though I rarely play. BBC News reports video games may help improve hearing and cochlear implants are mentioned in the article.

Sign Language Not Universal

From Ask Yahoo! Is sign language for the deaf universal? I knew the answer was no and got to see it in action in Four Weddings and a Funeral. I loved seeing sign language with an accent. Though I don’t know sign language, I could tell something was different in British sign language.

To Deaf Bloggers

Justin wrote, “Meg from Mandarin Design, has developed an entry on her blog about asking for deaf bloggers to sign in. Her purpose for this is to meet all deaf bloggers and get to know them.” Her questions with my answers: Q: Where are you from? A: Plano, TX. Born and bred in Fort Worth. …

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Smoke Signals

This has been the week (actually, year, but worse this week than in a long, long time) from h-e-double hockey sticks (gotta keep this site G-rated). My daughter had to go to the ER last night (she’s fine). My older son has been acting up at school. A project suddenly fell apart. I wish it …

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