June 2004 archive

Corruption in Deaf Centers

(Warning: LONG) From OCDAC (Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center) News: The purpose of this series is to properly inform potential clients so they will have this knowledge before they decide to trust such deaf centers with their safety, health, and productivity opportunities. We have been be focusing on a particular deaf center in our series. …

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Read Along

I have been looking around for audio files of children’s books that I like reading to my kids. All I can find are Winnie the Pooh, Disney, boring stuff. Nothing like Goodnight Moon, Catch the Ball, Hop on Pop. Yes, simple books is where I need to begin. I know some are available on audio …

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Managing the Stress of Hearing Loss

Stress Management and Hearing Loss is a PowerPoint presentation by Jennifer G. Sowards. It’s an insightful presentation providing information you wish people knew about those who have hearing loss. Key points: 1. Normal hearing people do not experience the same level of fatigue from listening. People with hearing loss must work much harder in order …

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We Have Feelings, Too

Big surprise as you’ve heard me talk about this here on how I feel like a normal person. In reality, having hearing loss does stop me from reaching a lot of things in life. Don’t give me the ol’ “Put your mind to it and you can make it happen” line. It complicated. I have …

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No Plain Vanilla Rockin'

Blast from the past. Vanilla Ice, rapper from my teen days (is my age showing?) literally rocks the house at Gallaudet University according to His Beat Goes On. Big question – Why weren’t there any interpreters? Update with an answer from Larry (thanks): It would have been a waste of money. No one ever really …

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Advanced Bionics Is Acquired

Advanced Bionics is known for its work on implantable microelectronics as reported in Canada.com.

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What's Bugging Seth

Looks like there is a movie in production about a deaf man. I searched the Web, but details not available yet. Update on 06/16/04: Filmmaker experiences miracles