August 2004 archive

Justice Dept. Slaps Motel 6

Motel 6 and Justice Dept Reach Agreement on ADA Violations. The agreement requires Motel 6 to work in getting over 600 hotels in compliance with the ADA by December 31, 2006. Might want to hold off staying there till after New Year 2007. [Link ]

Deaf Life Discussions

All Deaf has information discussions in its Deaf Life section including deaf / hearing relationships, technologies, hearing aids and implants, and a couple of others.

Debate over Deafness Test

Ah, here comes another war between the D and the d. It has nothing to do with language, implants, or hearing aids. It has to do with a screening test for connexin 26. I had this test last year, but tested negative so my deafness remains unexplained or as a “luck of the draw.”

Eli Steele Update

Previously, I’ve mentioned What’s Bugging Seth, a movie about a man. At the time, there wasn’t much information available. The movie makers provides more details on Eli Steele and the movie he hopes to get into theaters.

Deaf Athletes

Barry Strassler keeps a list of Maintreamed Deaf Athletes. Only three from Texas and all in one school? C’mon, there’s gotta be more. If you know someone who is not on the list, Barry’s email address is on the Web page. Sports was my passion as a young’un. Sure miss those days. One of my …

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Deaf Couple Receives Extreme Makeover

No, they don’t receive implants or plastic surgery. It’s the other extreme makeover: home edition. This show is amazing because well-deserving people are the ones who get the makeover. Previous episodes have featured a family of eight kids whose parents died 16 days apart, a woman who donated bone marrow and saved the life of …

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Neural Biotechnologies

The next Future Salon session will cover Computers and Drugs Working Together: The Present and Future of Neural Biotechnologies. “Drs. Mike Chorost and Eric Lynch will discuss the present state of neural technologies for treating deafness and their likely future. Dr. Chorost will open by explaining how the most advanced neurostimulation technology on the market, …

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Auditory Training Resources and Sites

Here are resources for practicing listening skills. The one I have been using most is Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Labs. If I am missing anything, add it to the comments or contact me. You can also search for more read aloud stories, read along stories, and listening practice. Podcasting’s popularity has led to a boom …

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