January 2005 archive

Tech Hurts Deaf Culture

Engadget reports on Text messaging, email said to hurt deaf culture, an article originally from Orlando Sentinel. I’m not a member of the “Deaf” culture, but I do rely on email, instant messaging (IM), and closed-captions. I am jealous of my daughter because she has become a IM freak and chatting was not cool when …

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ASL Grows Popular with Students

According to Word getting around about sign language, more students are taking ASL to meet their school’s language requirement because they think it’s easier than Spanish, French, or other foreign languages. I may not use ASL, but I know it’s a challenge to learn it like any other language even though it’s in “English.” Signing …

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Gene Linked to Deafness

In the past, I’ve reported on a gene linked to deafness called Connexin 26. Another has been found called the Rb1 gene. Fascinating reading. It doesn’t mention how people who are deaf can learn whether or not it’s the cause. Thanks to MtRushmorePat for the article.

Podcasting Transcription

From Jon Udell: I owe a huge thank-you to Eleanor Kruszewski, who has transcribed my audio interview with Intervoice’s Ron Owens. And we should all thank her for raising the uncomfortable issue of podcast transcriptions which, for the most part, are missing in action. Podcasting is yet another trend that isolates people who are deaf. …

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Your Own Relay Number

America Online and MCI have introduced a service to allow users to have their own relay number. I have signed up for it and received my new phone number by email within two days. I’ve distributed the number, but no one has tested the service yet. I have a Sidekick II that has AIM (AOL …

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Deaf Passions

Just learned about DEAFPASSIONS.COM, an online community for deaf singles. So if you’re single (I strongly discourage married folks from using this site – lol) and looking—here’s another resource. No, I’m not looking (happily). Someone told me about the site. 🙂

Dear Abby

Today’s Dear Abby column addresses deaf infants and testing. I agree that the sooner you detect a child’s hearing loss, the better. My parents figured it out when I was about six months old based on their experience with my two older siblings. If I could rewind time, I’d make today’s implant available when I …

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Accessibility to the Arts

Gifts For The Disabled: Accessibility To The Arts (Gotham Gazette. December, 2005) lists four ways to help New Yorkers with disabilities enjoy the arts in the city. Of course, these should be adopted by metro areas around the country and the world.