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Doctor, doctor. I wasn’t going into the medical profession. I am too squeamish and I didn’t want to go to school on and on. I suck at advanced biology. Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses (AMPHL).

Accessible Theaters

I hope Rear Window comes to the movie theater near me. However, when I talked to the company (over a year ago), its reps said it has no plans to do such a thing. Accessibility is the new star in movie theaters. My kids love to go to movies, but I never take them. They …

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Deaf Major Leaguer Wanna-be

Many of you probably know of Curtis Pride, a deaf- and speech-impaired ball player. He’s been on the verge of making the majors a few times. Currently, he is at camp with the Angels in California. We may have another Pride coming up. Fellow southpaw and pitcher, Ryan Ketchner, is trying to get there. At …

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ASL as a Foreign Language

About time. I believe ASL should be offered in schools for foreign language credit. Deaf Alabama residents seek to make signing a foreign language. If they succeed, perhaps this will be start of ASL entering public schools.

How We View Being Deaf

This article originally from the Belfast Telegraph is available in its entirety from Deaf Today (thank you). The writer makes one strong point, “In my view it is essential to recognise that the word ‘deaf’ has many different meanings and the important factor is to find the best way to communicate.” Amen.

Captioning Broadway

Wicked! That’s a play on words. Wicked is the name of one of Broadway’s current hit shows. This technology also wicked cool. I can’t answer why I grew up as a person who loves musicals. I still do, but not to the extent before 2000. Maybe it’s because my life got busier and I couldn’t …

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MIT's Bionic Ear Processor

MIT debuts bionic ear processor that is supposed to take less power and require rare battery changes. Currently, I change batteries roughly every three days. According to the the article, this device would need no replacement for 30 years! Mega-impossible! 🙂

Student Mentoring

My kids’ school has a tutoring program in which parents volunteer to tutor kids who are struggling at another school where resources are lacking. My daughter’s volleyball team needed a coach for the games (they have an excellent one for practice). Yet, I can’t step up to do jobs like these. I am comfortable talking. …

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ABSL and Intuit

ABSL is not the name of a professional sports league. Rather it’s Al-Sayyid Bedouin Sign Language (ABSL), the language of Deaf Arab villagers. According to a linguist, it’s an exciting discovery because it’s the first documented case of a language that came about with no outside influence. After previously reporting on the Nicaraguan Deaf and …

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Deaf Students Sing with Keys

150 students from the Florida School for the Deaf will join Alicia Keys in performing at tomorrow’s Super Bowl. Cool!