April 2005 archive

Wearable Captioning

Will wearing captions be fashionable? 🙂


We have “fire marshalls” on every floor in my office and I have two buddies who would look out for me when an emergency occurs. Our building has those bright, painful lights (think bad disco lighting), so I can’t miss those nor the sound (awful). But I could be in a meeting or the ladies’ …

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Handheld Individual Captioning, I-Caption makes Big River performances at Ford’s Theatre accessible to the deaf. Wicked is coming to Dallas. Why can’t I-Caption come along? 🙁 A similar item called COMMplements from Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) has been licensed.

Mainstream or Not?

For my parents, the decision to mainstream me into public school was an easy one. The other option was to send me out of town to the school for the deaf. They didn’t want that. I’m glad they decided that as I’ve had some awesome teachers in my public school career. I didn’t feel secluded …

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Writing Proper English

Ed Bosson wrote a great commentary in response to the great article from the New York Times on December 7, 2004 titled “What Corporate America Can’t Build: A Sentence” by Sam Dillon. I believe that even if a person’s first language is ASL, the person should know how to write correct English. ASL is a …

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Israel and Indians

A couple of international news. What a scary situation to be in. Six deaf Israelis rescued in Nepal. Indian deaf cricket team goes to Pakistan and promotes peace between the two countries. Nice to see a happy story.

Working with Kids

Thanks to email and the Internet, it’s possible for me to volunteering with kids without a worry.