May 2005 archive

Deaf Dog

This is a heartwarming story about a deaf dog who was seen as aggressive, but wasn’t. Two-year-old Lauren is a cattle dog mix who was born deaf and learned hand signals. Her owner plans to teach her more sign language so she can be a therapy dog for deaf children. I had a pet Beagle …

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Deaf Rock Band

Bet you thought it would never happen, eh? All-deaf rock band has released a CD. How cool is that? Love the name of the band and its CD: Beethoven’s Nightmare presents its first CD, Turn It up Louder. Appropos, eh? Rox’n!

Pull over!

Nick pointed me to an interesting post from Michael Buffington. He thought, “I assume deaf people are allowed to drive without restriction – so why do ‘in ear’ headphone manufacturers make sure you know that they shouldn’t be used while driving because they impair your hearing – what specific issues might you run into that …

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Hearing Aid Embarrassment

Reading about the stigma of wearing a hearing aid made me think. Though I liked wearing my hair in a ponytail especially when playing sports, I didn’t do it because it “exposed” my hearing aids. Hearing aids just weren’t cool or accepted like eyeglasses. They embarrassed me. I wore glasses and contact lenses for a …

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Another Lost Cochlear Implant

Not again. Last week, I reported a feller’s cochlear implant was stolen. This time, a woman lost hers while roller skating. It’s scary because these things do fall off easily. If I pull my hair back or up, it makes it harder to connect the magnet as I have thick hair. With hearing aids, you …

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Telephone Bills Might Increase

Unless you’re from Missouri, don’t panic. Currently, the state imposes a 10-cent monthly surcharge for covering Relay Missouri. That charge could go up five cents for a total surcharge of 15 cents per month. Small potatoes, right? I’m sure there will be an outcry from phone customers who don’t use the relay service. But to …

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Deaf Man Learns to Fly

I never dreamed of learning how to fly, but Paul was in the Air Force. He originally wanted to be a pilot, but the kind of plane he wanted to fly—he was too tall for it. So he went into IT instead. It’s awesome that an Airman teaches deaf man to fly. Get your faxes …

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iPods Can Make You Deaf

How’s that for a headline? ThisisLondon reports London commuters riding the tube (subway) and trains are at risk for tinnitus and severe damage to the inner ear because they turn up the volume to dangerous levels due to the background noise on public transportation. What’s so unusual about this? We’ve had Walkmans for years. It’s …

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Cochlear Implant Stolen

Someone stole a Deaf Student’s Hearing Device from school. I’m sad to say that it doesn’t surprise me because something similar happened to me. Only the item cost a fraction of what a cochlear device costs. When I worked with the Federal Highway Administration, I had to sit at a table meant to hold books, …

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Deaf Children

First I’ve heard of this. According to this short article, two babies are born deaf every day with 90 percent having hearing parents.