December 2005 archive

Deaf Students Talk to Santa

One student had never talked to Santa and she’s nine-years-old. Deaf students talk to Santa through sign language. According to the article: Before he saw Santa use sign language at school, first-grader Michael Shoemaker never really understood his significance to the holiday. Isn’t there more to the holiday than talking to Santa?

Lyrics .lrc Files

Lyrics Magic is a music player for Windows Mobile devices that displays lyrics while the song plays. It supports Rmp, Mp2, Mp3, WMA, Mpa, Ogg, Midi, and Wav files. To view lyrics, put the same-name lyrics (.lrc) and text (.txt) files into the same folder as the music files. While I’d love to try this, …

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Movie Distribution and Captions

Mark Cuban’s entertainment company, 2929, Entertainment is hoping to change the ways movies are distributed by releasing first-run films on DVD the same day they hit theaters as reported in – Will ‘Bubble’ Burst the Movie Business? Low-budget movie, Bubble, will be available on DVD and digital cable on the same day it hits …

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