February 2006 archive

Deaf Resource Library

The Deaf Resource Library has information about deaf education, culture, and other related topics. Very nice and detailed library.

Read Captions Across America

From Deafnetwork: “On March 2, the Captioned Media Program (CMP) is launching a nationwide Read Captions Across America (RCAA) event as a part of the National Education Association’s (NEA) ‘Read Across America.’ RCAA is the first national reading event that puts emphasis on the importance of captioned media as a reading tool for children with …

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Texting for Students

I remember in high school that I went to a school dance, but I took someone home afterwards and couldn’t call my parents. I didn’t think much of it; a big mistake. It was the first and only time my parents worried about me while I was out. This wouldn’t have happened if I had …

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Four Cochlear Implant Family

Four family members from one family received cochlear implants during the same week in 2004. Can’t believe they did that because some people don’t recover well from the surgery (me). The parents had their surgeries one week apart, but it took me over a week to recover from the side effects. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting …

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Deaf Bloggers Talking Case

Deaf bloggers have “been using the Internet to keep track of developments in the case and dispel stereotypes about deaf people.” The case involves the murder of Darlene VanderGiesen, a deaf woman in Sioux Falls, where the suspect is another deaf person. Whoa. According to the article and the bloggers who are quoted, people believe …

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Study of Sign Language Growing Popular

Whenever I meet someone who learns I’m deaf, I often get “I’ve taken ASL classes” or “I want to learn ASL.” I think it’s great and it’s obviously a growing language as this article reports the study of sign language drastically increasing. I loved taking Spanish and French in high school. It’s a shame so …

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Restaurants Hires Deaf Workers

What do you do when you get sick of the politics in the hotel business?Open your own restaurant. What makes this one different is that it proactively hires people who are deaf to work there. One of its owners is deaf.

Deaf Students and Technology

I often wonder how different my teen years would’ve been if I had the same opportunities as the Deaf and hearing students of today with the technology available to them.

Long Distance CapTel Calls No Longer Free

From Deafnetwork: Some CapTel (captioned telephone) users have complained that it is not fair that they have to pay for their long distance calls while VRS (video relay service) calls remain free. Comparing these two types of relay service is confusing because currently they are billed differently. CapTel is more akin to traditional relay because …

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New Cochlear Implant

New Cochlear Implant using ribbon technology from University of Michigan might help improve hearing for profound deaf people and make the surgery less invasive. Here’s another article on the University of Michigan research.