April 2006 archive

Can't Hear Sirens

I can relate to the Deaf couple who worry because they can’t hear sirens. Every Wednesday at noon, I hear the city sirens (for testing purposes), but I’ve missed a couple. Thankfully, I’ve got a hearing family, but I know there are many deaf couples who don’t have this option and it’s a problem. The …

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Captioners Are Stars

For the deaf, captioners are the true TV stars — Amen! It’s amazing that I can catch just about anything on Food Network and TLC in captions. In the past, I’d ignore the ads for a new and interesting program on these channels as they were usually not captioned. Not anymore. They get paid a …

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Deaf Want Deaf Babies

When I worked in the federal government, I attended events and meetings of our department’s deaf group. It had about 40 members — an amazing number to me as throughout my life, I never met more than a couple of deaf people at one time. But that’s Washington, D.C. for you. After all, it’s the …

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Watches on the Way out?

Wristwatches Get the Back of the Hand says that more people are skipping the wristwatches and relying on handheld devices for the time. Why am I posting this here? I stopped wearing a watch because of my cochlear implant. ?????? I understand the confusion. Because of the implant, I got a medical bracelet that says …

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Deaf Dogs Need Homes DESPERATELY

Three of Cathy’s deaf dogs still need homes…and maybe a 4th. They are in Georgia. Transportation can be arranged. We only have till next weekend to save them. Even if you’re not in the market for a dog, you might know someone who is. The three deaf ones that need help are: Felix, 3-yr-old Aussie/JRT …

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Contract to Build Interface for PDAs to Implants

Univity of Texas at Dallas Professor awarded a $1.3 million contract to build an interface that allows PDAs to send sounds to those who wear cochlear implants. It could potentially replace speech processors with PDAs creating more affordable and accessible technology.

Meet Tom, Dick and Harry

rediff.com: Say hello to Tom, Dick and Harry is a film with three characters: one deaf, one blind, and one mute. They live together and fall for the same girl. They also work in the restaurant / bar together with the girl who owns it. This Indian movie should be a fun one. I hope …

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Falling Tree Kills Deaf Tourist

Freak accident… awful. Falling Tree Kills Deaf Italian Tourist. That’s one advantage of having an implant — even if you can’t hear what’s said, you can’t miss screaming. Anything louder than usual catches my attention.

Book Love Affair

I love this article from Mass Live because it’s how I feel about books. I lived two blocks from the library while growing up. When we were looking for a house, I kept asking where the nearest library was located. We looked at a house within a block of the library, but it was not …

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Journalist with Three Hour Deadline

I’ve been on a trial assignment for the past week where I submit a story three hours of receiving the assignment — it must have quotes from two original resources (not PRs, research reports, and so on). I understand that because it enhances a story and makes it more interesting. Not once have I turned …

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