May 2006 archive

Deaf and Black Working to Get to PGA Tour

Black and deaf, golfer chases his dream is a nice story. I remember reading that Tiger Woods had many challenges in becoming a pro golfer simply because he was black. This guy is not only black, but also deaf. I hope he doesn’t encounter barriers, but who knows? We’re rooting for him.

Deaf Spelling Bee

I read two articles on the deaf spelling bee and I’m not sure how it works. I know that words are signed without using fingerspelling while the kids spell through fingerspelling. However, spelling bees use many obscure words that don’t necessary have a unique sign for them. Anyone?

Deaf in Developing Countries

This story breaks your heart and makes me thankful I’m an American. The treatment of deaf children in developing countries doesn’t surprise me.

Online Customer Service

Carter Bloodcare rules. I donate blood on a regular basis, or try to anyway. Carter makes it easy to set up an appointment as it can be done online. The donation appointment form, however, doesn’t play nice with Firefox. No biggie. I’d rather use IE than to navigate a recording to schedule an appointment. You …

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Audism: A Name for Deaf Prejudice and Wrong Assumptions

Meryl in football gear

Alicia mentioned audism in a recent comment and it was the first I heard of the word. Audism, like racism and sexism, is discrimination against deaf people. Wikipedia provides examples of audism: Deaf people cannot write well because they are deaf or because English is not their first language. Deaf people cannot be successful without …

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Gallaudet President Extreme Makeover

Ah, it’s good to laugh about the whole thing with this hilarious comic of Gallaudet President Jane K. Fernandes (affectionally known as JKF… OK, so it’s a shortcut not an affection) receiving an Extreme Makeover comic from Dan McClintock’s Cartoon Blogs. More good stuff. Thanks to Alicia Lane for the pointer.

Pro Hockey Team Supports Charities

I was pleased to read about my favorite hockey team, Dallas Stars, donated to Dallas Hearing Foundation and other charities. The team has a foundation known as the Dallas Star Foundation that awards grants to local children’s charities in support of a variety of needs. “The grants focus on a myriad of worthy causes such …

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University Isn't Accommodating Enough

Yesterday, the kid who wanted to play baseball. Today, the students who want an education. Deaf Students File Lawsuit Against USU. Suddenly, I feel like we’ve jumped back in time. I graduated college over 10 years ago (yikes!) and even then, American University (AU) had an office for students with disabilities. I spent my freshman …

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Deaf Ballplayer in Hawaii Fights to Play

This is unbelievable. Deaf Ballplayer on Kauai Fights for Right to Play. I thought we came a long way from such events. For goodness sakes, it’s been over 20 years since I was 11 (And I started playing not long after Title IX in 1972, so you’d think I’d have more resistance then than today.) …

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Courtney started a fascinating conversation with Being Deaf and thinking. The entry brings up an interview I did with a reporter years ago. How the topic came up, I don’t remember. Somehow, our conversation turned to when I talk or think, I can “hear” words in my head. But I had hearing aids to help …

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