July 2006 archive

Braille Mobile Phone

About time something like the Samsung’s Braille mobile phone hit the market. Kudos to Samsung. By the way, Wired lists Samsung as the #3 company in its Wired 40 list. Also came across Assistive Media site that contains over 800 audio recordings. I’ve added this resource to the Audio Training Resources list. This is the …

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Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Feedback

One major improvement that comes with a cochlear implant is no more squealing or whistling. If I was about to hug someone, I got nervous because I feared my hearing aid would squeal. It happened a few times and made me uncomfortable or embarrassed depending on who the other person was. The cochlear implant doesn’t …

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Deaf vs. Hearing Loss vs. Hearing Impaired vs. Hard of Hearing

Reading this Letter to the Editor in regard to this story triggered my thinking about the terms related to deafness. But first, a comment on the story. While the letter writer is right that the statement could’ve been easily omitted, Dave Crosby was being honest about his feelings about his own deafness. It would be …

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