August 2006 archive

Connecting Online

Did I tell you how much I appreciate the Internet? It’s the one place I rarely run into communication barriers. The only time that happens is when a site has audio or a video without captions (and it isn’t easy to tell what’s going on just by watching it). I posted entries on this over …

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Gene Responsible for Hearing Loss

Researchers have found another gene that increases a person’s risk for hearing loss. The gene known as KCNQ4 may be the cause of “age-related” hearing loss rather than long-time noise exposure. Here are previously mentioned genes also linked to hearing loss.

Misreading Lips: The Mahjongg Story

I play mahjongg once a week and love it. I, however, can’t imagine playing as fast as the regulars do especially since I have to look at every tile thrown. My group contains mostly beginners and we’re getting faster — but still a long way from the continuous clickety clickety clack game. Anyway, we were …

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Hearing Loss and Hearing Help

Here’s an excellent guide from The Hearing Journal. It discusses the price of not addressing the hearing loss and where to get help. There article also contains a long list of resources, which I’ve added here as a backup. Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing American Tinnitus Association Better Hearing …

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Paying the Price for Not Being Yourself

Stephen Hopson, a talented person who is a pilot and former stock broker, shares an embarrassing experience that could easily happen to anyone who is deaf. I do what he did — answer “yes” or “no” when I’m not sure what someone said and I’ve already asked him to repeat. You just don’t want to …

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Deaf Actress in Jericho

Shoshannah Stern, a deaf actress, is a cast member of Jericho, a new CBS TV show about the after-effects of a nuclear mushroom cloud appearing in the distance from Jericho, a small town in Kansas. Stern is a fourth generation member of a deaf family. Her brother and sister are also deaf. She attended California …

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Public Speaking

My sister told me about a conference scheduled for November here in Dallas and encouraged me to submit a proposal. I’m not afraid of public speaking, but rather others understanding me and hearing their questions. A few years ago, I did a panel at sxsw and it went OK. I was the moderator, so I …

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News Links: 08-11-2006

* U.S. Army in Iraq and the International Kids Fund donate funds to help an Iraqi girl get a cochlear transplant. * Discrimination in golf. Makes me grateful I never had a problem with sports or lessons and I’ve played or tried most of them (basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, tennis, golf, and racquetball). * Two …

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The Front Row Dork

School, meetings, conferences, speakers. I felt like a dork having to sit in the front row in school by choice. I was grateful to teachers who did assigned seating saving me from “making the decision” to sit in the front. Dorkier than sitting in the front row in a class: sitting near the front when …

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Heroic Dog Motivates Kid

Take a bow-wow-wow tells the story of a dog who helped a boy. Jordon Marchant-Winsor lost his father when he was 18-months-old and he stopped speaking.