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deafCensus aims to provide access to a database containing services and resources related to hearing loss. The site also contains national demographic data on deaf and hard of hearing individuals for organizations, service agencies, community resources, and academic and research institutions. It has over 7000 entries and should become a great resource.

Closed Captioning in Google Video

About time someone did something! Closed Captioning Hits Google Video says that Google is captioning select videos. You can see a list of videos with captions here. Mostly stuff from NOVA and documentaries, but you can find a few fun videos like Mariah vs. Whitney. Unfortunately, the captions are a little faster than the singer.

MyHearingHealth is a blog for anyone with a hearing loss and their loved ones – it’s a place to learn, share and grow. The site’s vision is to create a vibrant community and it accepts blog posts and feature articles from our readers in addition to the content written by Clarity and The EAR Foundation. …

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Fans Sue for Captions

Hearing-Impaired Fans Sue for Access to Closed-Captioning. Go fans! Get ’em! Can you tell I’m a Dallas Cowboy fan? It was fun living in Washington, DC for six years and watching the Cowboys win the Superbowl twice! When I finished my assignment with one of the agencies, they gave me a Redskin shirt for a …

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Deaf Comedy and Jokes

Well, as a lipreader-instead-of-sign-language-user, I can’t catch these videos from But I get the third comic strip and I love it. Though I may not use an interpreter, I’ve had plenty of situations when I had delayed reaction or laughter because someone had to tell me what happened. Funny snakes, too. I hate it …

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Magnetizing Implant

Recently had a couple of funny incidences with the implant. I was changing out the batteries and thought I dropped one. I looked all over the floor for it and it refused to be found. I put all three batteries in and was about to put the implant back on when I saw a battery …

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Captioning News: Not Good News

Time to start writing! From DeafNetwork: The News Just Got Worse! By Cheryl Heppner In addition to the two exemptions announced today, the Federal Communications Commission has sent out 250 more letters granting captioning exemptions! They are apparently poised to send out another huge batch of letters that will amount to a total of about …

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Experience the Awareness

Last Friday, my kid’s elementary school held a program called “Experience the Awareness.” The point of the program is to have the kids learn about the struggle behind the different disabilities and learning differences. Kids rotate through 10 stations, spending about five minutes (too short) at each station. We covered muscular dystrophy, missing limb, injured …

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Cartoon Features a Guest Who Is Deaf

PBS cartoon Maya & Miguel celebrates Deaf Awareness Week (September 24–30, 2006) by featuring a character who is deaf and uses sign language to communicate. The episode, “Give Me a Little Sign,” premieres on September 25 and runs daily until Friday, September 29. This episode will have open captions, a first for PBS KIDS GO!sm …

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Dealing with Phone Reps and Recordings

While working for a company, employees received a letter from HR telling us we needed to call the voice automated system to confirm our accounts. It had to be “the employee” who does it. I asked the manager what I should do about it and she said to have Paul call. I didn’t trust this …

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