October 2006 archive

Deaf Struggles

Lots of great articles popping up regarding Gallaudet and the Deaf Culture. Alicia sent a link to a very powerful article [scanned version] written by the mother who has a deaf daughter. The article highlights the big picture for the protests against the selection of Jane K. Fernandez presidential appointment. The shocker? The article [html …

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Insight into the Deaf World

This superb article from the Houston Chronicle by Clarence Page of Washington, D.C., and Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist. It looks at mainstreaming, Galludet and its presidential challenges, the culture, and cochlear implants. Everyone should read the last four paragraphs. When you divide the world between “us” and “them,” even in reaction to prejudices, you run …

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Gallaudets Board of Trustees votes to terminate Fernandes appointment as president

Whoa! Press release from Gallaudet: TO: Campus Community FROM: Board of Trustees RE: Board of Trustees Meeting Today, we announce with much regret and pain that after serious deliberation in a special, all-day Executive Session of the Board of Trustees, we have voted to terminate Dr. Fernandes’ appointment as President-Designate (currently effective) and President (effective …

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Online Video Captions

For many of us, the Internet erased communication barriers until videos started gaining popularity with sites like YouTube and TV networks making episodes of shows available as downloads. We can watch the TV shows on TV with captions, but the downloaded videos are silent — without captions. The Wall Street Journal took notice with its …

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Deaf Culture and the Presidential Uproar

The Washington Post attempts to educate readers with an article explaining the protests over the selection of Jane K. Fernandez for Gallaudet presidency. This started last spring, but apparently last week — the faculty voted they have no confidence in her leadership. It’s a insightful must-read article as it looks at the big picture of …

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Axistive.com is a news portal that provides news relating to technology that help people with disabilities.

Get a Human

Earlier, I provided a link to an article on how to work around recrodings. Get Human contains a database of companies and how to reach a human. The link comes from a Dallas Morning News [may require free registration] story on the topic. This article shows six ways to reach a human operator.

Data Plan for PDAs

I want to switch to the Palm Treo when my current data plan contract ends in December, so I’ve been researching prices and options. I went to Verizon Wireless and couldn’t find a data only plan. The rates for a calling plan with unlimited data were too high. I emailed Verizon about a data only …

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UPS Court Case Update

Got an update to the court case I mentioned in this 2004 entry (two years!). The US court states that UPS may not exclude deaf people from applying for driving lighter delivery trucks. No information explains the situation with other types of trucks, however.

Taking Notes

stu.dicio.us is a great idea and would’ve helped me a lot in college… but what are the chances fellow students who take the same classes would use this service? I entered my university and there were only NINE notes from classes I never took. I also entered the university I attended as a freshman and …

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