November 2006 archive

How Relay Services Work

Various relay service providers exist, but they all work similarly. A person who is deaf, has speech challenges, or has visual impairments contacts a relay service through a TTY, special phone, web site, or instant messenger where an operator acts as a go-between. A person calls the relay using a preferred method (TTY, online, etc.). …

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Working with Managers and Employers

How to Calm a Nervous Employeer offers advice on how to prepare for a job interview or prepare a potential client by explaining technology and ASL. As a result, I plan to add information about using the relay service on my About page. More on this in a past entry.

Deaf Woman Boxer

Not only is she a female, but she’s also deaf. Union-Tribune reports on Leni Hall’s first professional boxing match, which ended in a draw. Her handler, Bernie Navarro, believes she can make an impact in women’s boxing as a super flyweight. I love sports, but boxing isn’t one of my interests. It’s always exciting to …

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iPods Make Ear Molds Cool

A green ear mold caught my eye on TV right before commercials (you know how the news likes to tease us), so I stuck around. It was the story [free registration required] of kids with iPods getting ear molds made to protect their ears. Audiologists say custom-fitting ear molds work better than ear buds because …

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Jericho ASL Episode

Shoshannah Stern sent an email to the deaf network asking we watch her show this coming Wednesday, November 29. Here’s her note from Deaf Network. This Wednesday, November 29, (2006) is a very special episode of Jericho for me. As some of you might know, I am a regular on this show, which airs on …

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Deaf Job Seeker

I read Joyce Lain Kennedy’s Career Advice column and in last Sunday’s column, she provides advice to a deaf job seeker [may require free registration] who is struggling to find a job that doesn’t require telephone work. The writer also says that employers are reluctant to hire someone with a disability. I’m disappointed to read …

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More Cochlear Implant Blogs

Bionic Boys: More CI blogs to check out.

Relay through MSN Messenger

My IP Relay is available on MSN Messenger. To use it, add to your MSN Messenger Contact List. To make a call: * Just click on contact name, My IP Relay * Enter the phone number you want to reach and follow the directions * My IP Relay connects your call Learn more at …

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Internet Scammers Target Deaf Community

Internet Scammers Target Deaf Community doesn’t surprise me. Many people view senior ciritizens and people with disabilities as weak — easy to scam. That’s why I believe religious organizations keep coming to me (there’s no question they target me because I’m deaf). Such organizations believe deaf people are easier to sway especially since we can …

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Play by Play of JKF Protest

When I read stories from the 1990s, I’m amazed how different they could’ve turned out had cell phones been more common then. Paul and I had numeric pagers. We came up with different codes to communicate with each other. Now we both have Sidekicks and can AIM to text message each other. Forbes explores how …

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