December 2006 archive

FCC Approves Internet Captioned Telephone

HearingLoss Association of America reports the FCC has approved the use of the telecommunications relay fund (TRS) to reimburse the Internet-enabled captioned telephone. Here is the FCC’s news released on the topic [pdf file]. Not sure how it works yet. I’m investigating.

Telecoms in UK Provide More Calling Options

Deaf Americans should be grateful for the relay options we have as most of it is free especially the Internet-based services. According to UK Telecoms opening up for deaf callers, users must pay one pound (equivalent of USD $1.89) PER MINUTE!

Air Travel for the Deaf

Austin news channel KXAN reports on new technology in a San Antonio that will make it easier for the deaf when they’re at the airport. Deaf Link is an airport station that lets a deaf passenger connect with a Deaf Link interpreter through the Internet and communicate ith airport or security personnel. But this is …

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Deaf Jews in Math

Deaf Jews in Mathematics — not that we need to break it down by religion and disability, it’s fascinating. Very cool. I’m impressed with all mathematicians as it was a struggle for me in advanced math classes such as trig, elementary analysis, and calculus. I never understood why I didn’t do better at math as …

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Video Game Accessibility Campaign

Michelle Hinn campaigns for more accessibility for disabled gamers addresses something few of us think about. Well, I think about it when I play games with a lot of audio, but when do I ever have time to play games? I remember a few instances where one of my kids played a game and asked …

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CSI: NY Silent Night

A deaf family appears tonight on CSI: NY in its Silent Night episode. If you miss it, just be on the look out for this episode title during reruns. In the episode, an intruder breaks into a home, shoots the teen daughter and almost kidnaps the baby without the mother hearing a sound. The entire …

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Help for the Eyes… Finally

I whined and moaned in this entry about the problem with my eyes aching and feeling pressure. My regular doctor told me to see the ophthalmologist rather than my optometrist (Talked to him, too). She said all my symptoms pointed to dry eye syndrome. First thing to try was adding tears (eye drops) four times …

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Gallaudet Interim President Selected

Gallaudet University announced the selection of Robert Davila as the university’s interim president. As interim president, “The Board expects the interim president will serve on an interim basis only, for a period of eighteen months. The Board and the interim president, by mutual agreement, may extend this period for an additional six months if needed.” …

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DeafNation updates visitors on the happenings in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. It also provides coverage of events such as Deaflympics and World Federation of Deaf. The site is behind DeafNation Expo, an exhibition celebrating culture, exhibiting technology and providing networking opportunities at no charge to attendees. The Expo is like a traveling …

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Employers and Deaf Employees

How to Calm a Nervous Employer provides suggestions on how people with hearing loss deal with interviews and telephone calls. I especially appreciate the “Left Out” section as that’s been a life-long challenge. I have a contact number for my business, but I also link to an entry on how the relay service works. I’ve …

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