January 2007 archive

Deaf People Treated as Ghosts

Angry Deaf Man Deaf shares an experience about shopping with a friend when the salesperson tends to look at the friend instead of him. I haven’t had the opportunity to travel much overseas and his comment about not having this problem outside of the U.S. intrigued me. It happened to Angry Deaf Man again. This …

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Deaf MTV and Open Captions Project

Thanks to BrownEyedGirl for bringing my attention to Deaf Performing Artists Network (DPAN), which presents music-style videos with sub-titles, ASL or both. There’s more ASL than there are captions. I watched “Where’d You Go” and it is well done and the music rocks. Unfortunately, only bits and pieces are captioned and I try to fill …

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Radio for the Deaf

While RFW’s post about Radio for the Deaf isn’t to be taken seriously, it reminded me to discuss the topic. I’ve never pushed for radio captioning. Sure, it’d be cool to follow along with the songs and practice my hearing — but really — most of the time I am the driver not the passenger. …

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Technology Lags for the Deaf

With Baby Boomers hitting middle age, the number of deaf people is climbing. Millions Of Us Are Going Deaf And Our Computer Won’t Help Us rants about the things many deaf people discovered long before now. Still, it’s an insightful read and helps spread the word about the challenges deaf and HoH people face.

MP3 Player for Cochlear Implants

A woman with a cochlear implant is working with Samsung to create a wireless MP3 system for the deaf. I have Cochlear’s Freedom and it comes with an attachment to attach the implant to a player or the computer for listening to music. But I don’t use it because it drove me nuts having the …

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Deaf in Israel

Deaf children without barriers is an excellent read and gives insight on life for the deaf in Israel.

Life Before, After and Way After CC

Banjo’s World has a great discussion about captions in the comments. I shared my first experience with captions in an old, old entry. What’s cool is that last line has come true. Music videos are captioned.

More on Not Deaf Enough

Social Work/Social Action points to Deafness and the Riddle of Identity, which discusses Jane K. Fernandes and the “not deaf enough” issue. It isn’t fair to use the fact that Fernandes wasn’t a native signer against her. Not I’m not going to defend Fernandes, but want to say don’t hold this sort of thing against …

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Matlin on My Name Is Earl

I admire Marlee Matlin and the show‘s writers for its episode where Matlin played Joyce’s lawyer, Ruby Whitlow. Actually, she was in several episodes, but I’m referring to the one from November 30, “Born a Gamblin’ Man.” I admire the writers because they scripted a funny story that addressed the sort of thing we don’t …

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Superbowl Ad Vote

The NFL is taking advantage of the infamous Superbowl ads with a contest in which thousands submitted an idea for an independent ad to air during the Superbowl. The NFL narrowed the list down to 12 so we can vote for our favorites. The pitches, unsurprisingly, aren’t captioned. Thanks to Dan Johnson who notified me …

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