February 2007 archive

Employement for the Deaf and HoH

The Realities of Employment sadly provides accurate information about the employement situation for the deaf and HoH. When I worked for the US government, I remember reading statistics saying that the deaf group — on average — had the lowest job levels (GS) of all groups working for the federal government. Lower than those who …

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BBC Deaf Comedy and Swindling

Mary Akpalas Weblog shares her experience in watching a deaf comedy on BBC. She’s not deaf, but she found it hilarious in spite of some claiming that only deaf people get it. Woman swindles deaf by using sign language. Awful.

Tablet PC as a Communications Tool

Deaf Technological Review points out how a tablet PC could be a great tool for the deaf and blind. Places like The Dallas Summer Musicals are using laptops to provide text for their shows, but I tihnk tablets would be better as they’re more portable. But hey, I’m thrilled they offer a way for us …

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First Deaf NASCAR Driver

Kokonut Pundits reports on Greg Gunderson First Deaf NASCAR Driver! I’ll let him do the talking while I go recover from the flu.

British Deaf Comedian

Learned about Steve Day, a Deaf comedian from the U.K. So I did a little searching and here is his MySpace page. Looks like he has a busy performing schedule, and you can watch a video of him on a game show.