March 2007 archive

Wireless Communication Devices for the Deaf

Grant W. Laird, Jr. takes a stroll down memory lane with “History of Wireless Devices in Deaf Community.” Thinking about my experience, I can’t believe how many devices I’ve gone through since 1993 in my first job out of college. The following lists the devices I’ve used: * Email: 1986 – current. It began with …

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For a Deaf Son

Since For a Deaf Son aired immediately after Through Deaf Eyes, I recorded it. Rob Tranchin, an executive producer at PBS KERA in Dallas, created this 1994 documentary exploring his and his wife’s search for the right school for his deaf son. The parents discussed their thoughts, concerns and frustrations. They interviewed the headmasters at …

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Through Deaf Eyes Commentary

I watched Through Deaf Eyes and For a Deaf Son, which followed. For Deaf Eyes opened with comedian CJ Jones who told the story of dealing with a angry driver. Deaf rock band, Beethoven’s Nightmare (great name!) appeared. I like what they do — they let people go up on stage and tell their stories …

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Simple Success Secrets

In writing about 5 to 10 things that he does almost every day to stay successful, Stephen Hopson of Adversity University tagged me. Aaron of Today is that Day started the project, and I tag the next set of bloggers at the end of this post.

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Through Deaf Eyes Re-Airing

If you missed Through Deaf Eyes, it may air again in your area. In the Dallas / Fort Worth area (KERA), it won’t be airing in the next two weeks. However, you can check for future airings by going to and enter your zip code, then go to the program’s page where it shows …

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Dissertation on Career Issues and Identity

Becky Donnell, a doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology, has designed a dissertation to draw attention to, and to contribute to, the knowledge of career issues and identity within the D/deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities. She invites those willing to participate in taking her survey and to pass it on to others who might be interested/willing to …

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Deaf Film at Sundance

Director Irene Taylor Brodsky received the Audience Award: Documentary for Hear and Now. The film tells the story about her deaf parents and their decision to receive a cochlear implant in their 60s. Here is an interview with Irene Taylor Brodsky.

Forbidden Signs

Browneyedgirl has a good discussion of a book, Forbidden Signs: American Culture and the Campaign against Sign Language, going in her blog. I don’t have anything intelligent to add to the already enlightening conversation.

Oppose Requests for TV Programs without Closed Captions

Time to take action and it only takes a few minutes. Just filled out the form myself. Deadline: March 27, 2007. From DeafNetwork newsletter: The battle for TV closed captions continues. It is time to take action. Time to oppose requests from TV programs to be shown without closed captions, in your state. The NAD …

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TV Documentary on Deaf Life in America

Gallaudet University reports that “Through Deaf Eyes,” a two-hour PBS documentary exploring nearly 200 years of Deaf life in America, airs on March 21, 2007 at 9pm ET (check your local listings). “he film presents the story of Deaf life in America – a story of conflicts, prejudice and affirmation that reaches the heart of …

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