June 2007 archive

Partnering with Kids' Teachers

Thank goodness our independent school district allows teachers and parents communicate by e-mail. The district also provides online tools for reviewing grades, attendance and lunch account updates. One of my kids runs into a situation a little more than the average student, so e-mail plays a valuable role in keeping communication open between the school …

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Social Bluffing

I loved Karen’s entry on dealing with adversity and her mention of social bluffing. I never realized the act of just doing what everyone else does had a name. I learned the guilty way that social bluffing can lead to trouble. My husband knows me so well that he’ll catch me bluffing and repeat the …

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Bionic Woman: The Next Generation

Someone wrote me a note about Bionic Woman, the TV show, that’s coming back this fall. I haven’t taken much of an interest until I received the email about one of the characters. Jamie Sommers has a deaf sister, but the produces filled the role with a hearing actress. In fact, I like the actress …

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Dealing with Adversity

Stephen Hopson of Adversity University asks how people deal with adversity. I believe if I weren’t deaf that I wouldn’t know how to deal with adversity as well as I do today. Here I’ve posted my 10 tips for dealing with adversity.

Deaf and deaf Discussion

Ben and Dennis have an interesting discussion going about Deaf and deaf, and not deaf enough. I know that I’m not a part of the Deaf culture, and that’s OK. I just try to get along with everyone deaf, hard-of-hearing or Deaf. I respect everyone’s communication and culture preferences. When I like a person as …

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What American accent do you have? Deaf, of course, but that wasn’t an option and it didn’t stop me from completing the quiz. The site identified my accent as Midland: You have a Midland accent is just another way of saying “you don’t have an accent.” You probably are from the Midland (Pennsylvania, southern Ohio, …

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Can Deaf People Whistle?

I never considered that my inability to whistle could be because of my deafness. Ocean brought up whistling and the deaf. My family told me where to place my tongue, how much to open my lips and all that. All that comes out is noisy air and sometimes spit, not a note. I can’t even …

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