July 2007 archive

Writing with a Deaf Accent

Folks, I am just the messenger here! Found this discussion on MeFi that I had to share. Check out the deaf blogs and you see many write well. However, I did have a couple of pen pals when I was a child and they wrote in ASL-speak. For the most part, it was easy to …

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Audio Coupling for Audio Devices

Originally, after having the cochlear implant, I used an accessory that plugged directly into the implant and the computer or MP3 player to listen to music. But it didn’t take long before I tired of the accessory since it required taking off the implant, pulling out a “stopper” and plugging in the audio. The stopper …

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Would I be as competitive and a perfectionist had I not been born deaf? I don’t know. Growing up, sports was my thing. I loved playing team sports. I tried golf and tennis lessons, but gravitated toward teams. Thinking about that, you’d think I’d prefer individual sports since you don’t have to worry about communications …

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Companies with Barriers to Getting Business

I went to a company Web site to read more about its products and possibly place an order. Unfortunately, there was a huge barrier plastered all over the site — “Call if you want more information!” Call … call … call … this toll free number. No online chat. No e-mail. No contact form. Nada. …

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Courageous Blogger Award

I generally don’t take online awards seriously since they’re usually a way to help the person starting the award gain more traffic or a popularity contest. However, on occasion they provide meaning and value. Christy of Writer’s Reviews created such awards that I think meet the criteria. They are: * The Inspirational Blogger Award * …

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Parenting CODA: Child(ren) of Deaf Adult(s)

On Mother Father Deaf, a CODA (child of deaf adults) discusses that CODAs “are not normal or the same as the rest of the hearing world.” I think it depends on the deaf adult and communication preferences. But even if a deaf parent speaks and lipreads, CODAs do experience life a little differently. I have …

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How to Sound Confident on the Phone

For those of us who make our calls through the relay — maybe we should send this article on sounding confident on a phone call to our relay operators 🙂 Actually, it might be useful to those who make voice carryover calls (VCO). One useful tip in the article is to press # after leaving …

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Many times, I’ve attended a dance recital, sports event, or appreciation luncheon where I stood in the crowd talking to each other — feeling anxious and isolated. “Why doesn’t anyone talk to me? Someone has to make conversation,” I think to myself. Oh sure, I could start the conversation, but that fear is explained. Some …

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Initiating Conversations

How to Initiate Conversation had me thinking about my experiences in social settings especially those where I knew few people or no one. While I have a few basic questions to break the ice, I rarely use them because I’m afraid to start a conversation. Shy? No. Fear of speaking? No. Fear of understanding the …

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Deaf Comedian on a Bus

Captioned video of a deaf comedian doing his routine on a bus. To be honest, I didn’t get his jokes.