September 2007 archive

Deaf Facts

DeafNetwork had these fascinating facts in its newsletter. I don’t know who deserves credit for putting this together, but it’s a neat read. The resources, however, appear at the bottom of the article. At least 1 out of every 10 people (8.9% to be exact) in the USA has a hearing loss. Generally speaking, it …

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Apple Ignores the Deaf again with iPhone

First iPod. Now iPhone. iPods don’t support captions or subtitling. iPhones aren’t compatible with hearing aids and cochlear implants. Paula Rosenthal has been speaking up loud and clear about the issue that ComputerWorld heard her and others. Disappointing. Apple dares to be different, but it doesn’t recognize those of us who are different.

Learning Math Update

Over a year ago, I reported Purdue researchers were working on Mathsigner, a virtual reality program that teaches math to deaf students. Future Making Serious Games provides more details. You can download a demo program to learn more about the project. It will be fascinating to see how well the program does in teaching math.

Talking During Services

A family friend told us about their temple using an interpreter at the Rosh Hashanah services. The three members who used the interpreter sat to the side in the front for the best view of the service and interpreter. Now, talking during services is tradition. Even my mother, who values services and follows along, refuses …

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New Hearing Loss Assessment

A Purdue researcher is working on a new method for assessing hearing loss that reflects real world situations. The purpose of the testing is to determine the best route for the patient. This is not for infants.

Fingerspelling and Lipreading in Grade School

I ran into a classmate from high school online. She emailed me through and we caught up with each other within a few emails. She stays in touch with two other classmates, one of which brought back memories. Robbie loved to fingerspell with me from across the classroom. He was a clown borderline troublemaker. …

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Jewish Deaf Congress Web Site

The Jewish Deaf Congress Web site,, provides information on about Jewish Deaf Congress, Inc. which was formerly known as National Congress of Jewish Deaf (NCJD). The new site is a work in progress with a goal to give an insight of the JDCs story, JDC Quarterly archives, articles submitted by various Jewish individuals, and …

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Gold and Diamond-studded Hearing Aids

“Whoa!” does not begin to describe my reaction to the bling bling of hearing aids. Widex hearing aids come with 24K gold and 220 diamonds (real stuff… and not the Swarovski kind) and cost $50,000 / £s;25,000. Well, gee, right in line with two cochlear implants cost an estimated $60K. Sources: SCF FI Tech > …

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