October 2007 archive

Cat Helps Deaf and Blind Dog

As proof that cats and dogs can get along, Libby plays the role of seeing-eye cat to Cashew, a 14-year-old deaf and blind yellow lab. What a sweet story! [Thanks, Dogster] Aww…

Testimonies of Deaf Holocaust Survivors

“Simon J. Carmel’s lecture, ‘Silent No More: Testimonies of Deaf Holocaust Survivors’ related the unheard stories of the persecuted deaf Jewish during World War II.” The article reports that roughly 25,000 deaf Jewish people were killed in the Holocaust and that 20 deaf survivors remain today. Hitler’s soldiers not only killed Jewish people, but also …

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Teen Who Sees with Sound

What a fascinating story of a teen who can hit the target with pillows, play video games, rollerblade effortlessly, and identify objects on the street — and he can do all this even though he doesn’t see like we do. The videos show him in action and the article gives all the details. Found a …

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Companies Team up for Online Captioning

From DeafNetwork: In an effort to overcome technology and production barriers, the leading providers of Web-based video have joined with media access pioneer WGBH/Boston to develop solutions that will increase the amount of online video accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. AOL, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! have asked WGBH and its …

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Inspiring Teen Dancer's Story

I loved reading this first person story from a teen who is doing well in school, which includes AP classes and loves dancing. Former Miss America, Heather Whitestone, made an impact in her life.

Freedom Scientific Ignores Deaf Audience

Access Accessibility gives a rundown on its run in with Freedom Scientific, a big name in assisted technology as the manufacturer of JAWS (screen reader for the visually-impaired). Apparently, the company won’t provide transcripts of its podcasts. Sure, we’d love for every podcast to have transcripts, but is that realistic?

Marketing to People with Disabilities

Posted an entry on the main blog regarding marketing to people with disabilities. Have an experience? Please share so others may learn from it.

Blog Action Day 2007

October 15 is Blog Action Day in which bloggers post something about helping the environment. One thing I wish everyone especially politicians would do is watch An Inconvenient Truth. Forget what you think of Al Gore, good or bad, the message comes through clear — we must do something for our environment and our future. …

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Why Joe Clark Hates Online Captioning

The ardent support of web accessibility and captioning shares his honest opinion of what’s wrong with online captioning. The focus is on the quality not the lack thereof. It’s a great read in an outline format since it’s from a presentation he gave. Sure, I’d like online captioning to look and read better — but …

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National Writing Contest for High School Students with Hearing Loss

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Oct. 2—High school students with hearing loss in 10th or 11th grade can enter the third annual RIT SpiRIT Writing Contest, and compete for prizes, including a summer camp scholarship. Winners will have their choice of a scholarship and travel expenses to the Explore Your Future program at RIT’s National Technical Institute for …

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