March 2008 archive

A Deaf Character and a Missing Mummy

Here is a nice interview with the Christine Harris, author of Mask of the Jackal. She explains the motivation of including a deaf character named Jordy into the story. The book isn’t about deafness, but rather just happens to includes a deaf person as a character. That’s the way life is… we just happen to …

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Car Logos in Hand Signs

Fun post from UK site, B3ta. Using hand signs to represent car logos — some familiar and some impossible to get especially for us Americans who won’t be familiar with some of the cars. I’m impressed with the signer. While on a recent road trip, I attempted to create signs without remembering what this site …

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Embed Captions Videos

In celebration of its one year anniversary, Project readOn unveils a new feature — Embedded videos. Users can grab the code from Project readOn to add captioned videos to their own sites, blogs, and social network pages. The player on the Web site contains two new buttons, “Email this captioned video to a friend” and …

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Deaf People Wanted for Reality Shows

Rita suggests deaf people with families to apply to be on a reality show as few have shown deaf families. She lists three shows. Extreme Makeover Home Edition had deaf parents (Vardons) on the show and the Llanes who have a deaf son. Plus it takes a lot to qualify for the show. I think …

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Internet Relay with VCO

I have a Captel phone, but hardly ever use it mainly because my family takes care of phone calls or I use the Internet relay service without voice carry over (VCO). I prefer using my computer for calls since I can keep a record of the call — something the Captel phone doesn’t have. Now …

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Smell Alarm

Ew. I’m sorry but the smell alarm just doesn’t appeal as shown in this Make article. I’ll stick with the vibrating alarm. Contrary to what the post says, deaf people don’t wear alarms. Yes, they have to be activated — but it’s not hard. Besides… the smell of smoke could erase the smell of horseradish.

UK IVF Couple Wants Deaf Child

The Human Future points to a fascinating story of a deaf couple in the UK that has a deaf daughter. Now they want another child. The mother is in her 40s, so the coupled needs to do intro-vitro fertilization (IVF). OK, so what’s wrong with that? The couple may not get the deaf embryo. From …

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Dallas Hearing Aid Recycling Program (HARP)

Donate old hearing aids to to HARP. From Deafnetwork. What is HARP? HARP stands for the Hearing Aid Recycling Program. It is a program based in Dallas that collects old or used hearing aids and distributes them to deaf and hard-of-hearing people that cannot afford to buy hearing aids. How are the hearing aids distributed? …

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