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meryl's notes blog 8th Birthday Celebration

My blog sister is celebrating her 8th birthday on June 1. I’m just a baby as I wasn’t born until 2003. If you subscribe to me, you get entries into a drawing for over $2000 in prizes!

Embarrassing, but Funny Deaf Moments

We all have embarrassing moments, and most of the time (we hope) we laugh at them later. Embarrassing but Funny Deaf Moments: I’ve zoned out at a green light a couple of times, too. From Ear of My Heart: Fire alarm story. Haven’t had one of those… yet! Deaf Womyn Pride Forgot to Turn off …

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Hear and Now

Wow, it’s been over a year since I mentioned Irene Taylor Brodsky and her film appearing at Sundance. Hear and Now has reached cable TV for those of us who don’t get to go to Sundance. Hear and Now premiered on HBO late last week and is still available for viewing. No HBO? I’m sure …

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FAQs about Certificate of Deafness for Texas Tuition Wavier

The following questions and answers are specific to the Certificate of Deafness for Tuition Waiver: Do I need to submit a new certificate to my college/university each semester? No, the enabling statute states your certificate is good for the entirety of your program. The only time a college/university may ask for another certificate is if …

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Deaf Person Speaks Too Well

I’ve talked to many people over the years about my speech. They tell me that it would be impossible to not have a deaf accent no matter how much speech therapy I get. Then I came across this from Dear Abby. DEAR ABBY: I am a deaf woman who was raised by a woman who …

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Links: 01 May 2008

* Captioning Flash-based streaming video [pdf file] [Link, y3] * Sign Language Interpreters at High Ergonomic Risk * DEAF411, Inc. researches what makes a city deaf-friendly * AT&T finally offers data-only plan for deaf iPhone users: the plan is also good for other phones except Blackberry. More info at DeafDC Blog and at&t’s iPhone page …

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