June 2008 archive

Behind the Scenes of the Redesign

Viven who tweaked this blog’s design explains the whole redesign process. David Airey left a comment saying the logo needs fixing because the title reads as “Bionic ar Blog” — something I never noticed as a problem until he mentioned it. I’ll have to see what I can do… like I have time!

American Gladiators

I remember when the original American Gladiators aired how excited I was to see Shelley Beattie was known as Siren, a Gladiator who was deaf. Unfortunately, she passed away earlier this year. I caught a few of the new American Gladiators, but missed the one with a deaf competitor who won! I read about it …

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Access Denied

This won’t surprise you. We love technology, but technology also brings more problems. The internet makes it possible for us to chat online like everyone else, send e-mail, and so on. Online technology has encouraged many to create videos that we can’t follow. The Washington Post revisits laws that made our lives easier and the …

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Netflix Flicks Deaf Customers

Yet another online service doesn’t provide captions or subtitles for videos. So what else is new? It would be a huge job for anyone to try to fight all the sites that don’t caption their videos, but the i711 article discusses the situation and what you can do.

Steak & Shake Denies Service to Deaf Patron

My friend Karen Putz is the person behind the story! Captioned and ASL video. And of course, her blog entries on the topic.

BlackBerry Adds Relay Service

TMCNet.com reports that Sorenson Communications launches SIPRelay (Sorenson IP Relay) Mobile for BlackBerry smartphones. It works like a regular relay service. BlackBerry users download the software the first time they use it. The user enters the phone number to call. An operator calls the phone number and relays the deaf person’s messages by voice and …

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Upgraded Blog Design

We’ve made some tweaks to the blog design to give it more originality (original blog design was based on a template). What do you think? Is it readable? Scannable? Usable?

Links: 2008-06-06

* She’s deaf, a college valedictorian and planning FBI career * Deaf Organisations, Deaf People & Information Sharing Part 1 and Part 2 * Active All Deaf forum discussion on deaf world vs. hearing world * Finland: Deaf Viewers Demand Public Broadcasters Provide Subtitles * Australia: Word is out about deaf phone option * UK …

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Vibrating Bracelets for the Deaf

Trendhunter shows pictures of “Vibering,” a vibrating bracelet that comes with two stylish rings. The wearer must wear both rings, not just one, for the system to work. The system captures sounds and notifies the wearer of any sounds. The rings do the listening while the watch does the reporting of the identified sound. The …

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Fraying Processor Coil and Cable

Unbelievable! I’m trying to contain myself as much as possible. I’m on my second coil and cable (this part connects the processor to the magnet — it’s the round thing everyone sees attached to the head) and I haven’t had this processor for that long. I can’t recall when I changed out the first to …

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