September 2008 archive

Ask Questions in a Conference

I posted an entry about a conference that encouraged participants to email or send questions electronically. I love it, of course, because it would ensure I hear every question. But I also know the importance of face-to-face connections. What do you think? Read A Real Life Internet Fable.

Designing Web Sites for People with Disabilities

Check out Digital Web Magazine’s Understanding Disabilities When Designing a Web site. Also, A List Apart and issue 265 has a pleasant surprise — Deafness and the User Experience. The article offers well-rounded insight into deafness in general, the culture, captioning, and more. Thanks, Deborah, for letting me know as soon as it was out. …

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YouTube Adds Captioning Feature

Thanks to Karen for posting about YouTube and captioning in which to points to Bill Cresswell’s post. YouTube on captions and subtitles covers how to turn them on/off, add/edit captions, and getting help with captioning a video. If only YouTube had a way to search for captioned/subtitled videos. Sure, you can enter “caption” in the …

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