February 2009 archive

Deafness Isn't Amazing… It's Just Is

Well, everyone knows by now that Amazing Race 14 has a mother and son team where the son is deaf. Only one episode has aired (I write this watching the second) and Margaret and Luke won the first leg. Cool! So far, when we hear from Margaret and Luke (other than giving directions to each …

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Review of Video Captioning Apps

Bill Cresswell lists ProudGeek reviews of some captioning methods. Bill also adds other captioning options that aren’t reviewed. If you know of any services or options not included, please leave a comment to add it to the list. Thank you, Bill!

Mixed Deaf and Hearing Marriages

Great discussion over at Filipino Deaf about deaf and hearing marriages and when the wife is deaf vs. when the husband is deaf. From the post: This leads me back to my main query, how successful is a deaf marrying a hearing person? Here are my succinct personal assessments on the four couples I had …

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Translate Lectures into Sign Language

Two University of Michigan grad students in the College of Engineering’s Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences, have developed a system that translates sign language into speech using cell phone technology.They call it MSigns, which stands for Mobile Sign Language Systems. Love the idea… of course, I’d like something that can convert spoken language …

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Captioning, Transcripts and Teachable Moment

Love this story about working with NASA: I was approached by a web developer who was working on a project for NASA: an out-reach program geared towards students at all levels (K-4 through “higher ed”) that essentially encouraged students to use NASA Videos and create “remixes”. Since NASA is clearly a Section 508 respondent, the …

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Whoo Hoo for Hulu

I had heard about Hulu, yet another video watching service. Originally, I ignored it as I ignore most video service news. I happened to catch the Alec Baldwin Hulu commercial and he intrigued me enough to check it out. Not that I want my brain to turn to mush. There, I got the shock of …

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