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Deafbarrassing Moment for 2009

First, let me tell you about the T feature on hearing aids and cochlear implants. It’s one of the coolest features ever. When you switch from M (microphone) to T (telecoil), you hear nothing except what comes through the phone receiver or headphones. So it’s great for listening to music while on a walk — …

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No MRIs: One Downside of Cochlear Implants

I haven’t blogged as much lately as so many things hit at once. My kid with the challenges was having a lot of them and at the same time a herniated disc and inflamed piriformis muscle hit. The pain prevented me from walking, so I had a series of three epidural steroid injections. The first …

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Fraying Processor Coil and Cable

Unbelievable! I’m trying to contain myself as much as possible. I’m on my second coil and cable (this part connects the processor to the magnet — it’s the round thing everyone sees attached to the head) and I haven’t had this processor for that long. I can’t recall when I changed out the first to …

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Cochlear Implant Batteries

By miracle, I decided to clean out my office closet where I found Cochlear stuff. I had forgotten my new CI came with rechargeable batteries (you have the option of using disposables and rechargeables). The nice thing about rechargeables is that you take the whole thing out and replace it with another. This as opposed …

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Audio Coupling for Audio Devices

Originally, after having the cochlear implant, I used an accessory that plugged directly into the implant and the computer or MP3 player to listen to music. But it didn’t take long before I tired of the accessory since it required taking off the implant, pulling out a “stopper” and plugging in the audio. The stopper …

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Rehabilitation after the Cochlear Implant

When a person receives a cochlear implant, that’s not the end of it. Getting the cochlear implant inserted is the easy part. The hard part comes in Rehabilitation therapy, which includes speech and listening therapy tailored based on the patient’s background. A cochlear implant won’t magically help a person hear on the phone and hear …

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No Soliciting Signs

They came again! Jehovah’s Witnesses came to my door and it was obvious they came to me because they were signing to each other. I have a “No soliciting” sign right by the doorbell, but they probably don’t see themselves as solicitors. I can’t find a sign or information that takes care of the religious …

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MP3 Player for Cochlear Implants

A woman with a cochlear implant is working with Samsung to create a wireless MP3 system for the deaf. I have Cochlear’s Freedom and it comes with an attachment to attach the implant to a player or the computer for listening to music. But I don’t use it because it drove me nuts having the …

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FCC Approves Internet Captioned Telephone

HearingLoss Association of America reports the FCC has approved the use of the telecommunications relay fund (TRS) to reimburse the Internet-enabled captioned telephone. Here is the FCC’s news released on the topic [pdf file]. Not sure how it works yet. I’m investigating.

Magnetizing Implant

Recently had a couple of funny incidences with the implant. I was changing out the batteries and thought I dropped one. I looked all over the floor for it and it refused to be found. I put all three batteries in and was about to put the implant back on when I saw a battery …

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