Computer Noises

Just discovered another sound I had never heard before, the computer’s fan. I heard a constant stream of a high-pitched noise and asked Paul about it. First, he said it was the ice maker. I didn’t think it was that because it didn’t sound like ice crashing. As soon as the sound stopped, I told Paul it stopped.
He said it was the computer fan coming on and shutting off. Wow. Two things within a couple of hours. I guess it pays to be in a quiet room when a new sound appears. When you have three kids, it drowns out any possibility of hearing new sounds since they know how to get all the attention including with their voices.

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  1. Yes, sounds like that are amazing once you discover them. My PC is on all day and night, but I can only hear the fan at night – when all other surrounding sounds are gone.
    The backside is that it now seems I cannot overhear it anymore when entering the room at night. It’s there to stay.

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