Cords Everywhere!

It’s been quiet as there hasn’t been anything to report. Don’t want to bore y’all with little or no progress. There hasn’t been anything new in the news with regard to CIs.
I’m getting used to it and am more comfortable with it. Some days, I get so sensitive to it and a bad headache, that I have to go back to Program 1 (softest and quietest setting). It got so bad that the phone ringing made me cringe and back to Program 1 goes the CI.
For the first time, I hooked the CI directly into the computer speaker to listen to music as loud as I wanted without disturbing anyone else. No one can hear it but me, no worries about blasting little ears. Something new here, while listening to the music, I can hear sounds around me. It’s a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good because I can hear my kids and when they cry. It’s bad because it’s more difficult to practice listening.
With my hearing aids, I put them on T (telecoil) whenever listening with earphones or making a phone call. T shuts out all sounds except for what’s coming through the phone or earphones. This situation is the best way to practice auditory skills and shut out the sounds of noisy co-workers.
The other problem… cords! They’re everywhere! One cord to connect the mic to the processor. Another cord to connect from the processor to the computer speaker. In the CI suitcase, I’ve got at least four more. One for the phone, one for to connect to a speaker microphone something or the other… I can’t remember the rest. They’re too long or not long enough depending on the situation.

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    • Steven on September 23, 2003 at 12:56 pm
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    Oh, I understand what you mean by cords everywhere. I got “toys” and saw that there are a lot of cables for various reasons. I cannot wait to get BTE. 🙂

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