Deafbarrassing Moment for 2009

First, let me tell you about the T feature on hearing aids and cochlear implants. It’s one of the coolest features ever. When you switch from M (microphone) to T (telecoil), you hear nothing except what comes through the phone receiver or headphones. So it’s great for listening to music while on a walk — no noise from passing cars.
I head to the library to pick up my daughter’s reserved book. Not even halfway there, I start hearing static noises — but not quite the same thing as humming when the implant is on telecoil and near electronics. More crackling. Awful.
I looked at the iPod and my cochlear implant. Nothing was wrong. So I took out my BlackBerry and turned on its music (no headphones needed for this). It wasn’t clear if I had the same problem or not. So I played with all the devices for part of the way growing frustrated.
I gave up on the BlackBerry and put it away. Entering the library, I paused the music. I found the reserved book and went to the self-check out counter. A librarian came toward me telling me “Turn the music down.”
Blush x 10.
“But I turned off the music.” I looked at the iPod and it was off, so I switched my implant back to M and heard the music still going.
The BlackBerry. Blush x 100. Scramble, scramble. I never play music on the BlackBerry, but thought I closed the media application. It felt like 10 minutes passed before I find my way back to the music and turn it off. I thought I noticed people looking at me when I entered the library and they probably did as the music was loud.
Not. Going. Back. Soon.
Luckily, I can drop off books in the drop off drive-through. That’s where Pride and Prejudice make its way back when daughter finishes it.


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  1. hahaha! Enjoyed reading this. i work in a library. i would have understood perfectly. 🙂

  2. Your tweet about the library had me wondering why you wouldn’t be returning to the library for a while. Now I understand! 🙂

  3. LOL! Reminded me of a recent videophone call that I made. I had my hearing aids off, but I figured I could still use VCO. Well, I forgot that the external mic was on at the same time I was using the phone so the poor interpreter and the other person received a loud echo rebound.

    • Deb on November 19, 2009 at 3:23 pm
    • Reply

    I am just trying to understand how you’re able to us a bluetooth. Can you use regular earbuds for an ipod?

  4. I am not using Bluetooth. I am using headphones. Not earbuds — headphones. The headphones work with the cochlear implant.

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