ESPrit 3G

I went in for a MAPping session and walked away with a ESPrit 3G. This is the behind the ear device. In other words, no more cord to get caught on things or for baby to grab and no pager-sized device pulling down my clothes!
I’m disappointed because I wanted the silver one and got beige. Every hearing aid I’ve had was beige, so I’m sick of it. If you look at the photo on the page, the top part is the part of which I speak. The bottom part (you’ll see a hot pink one) is interchangeable. Color may seem like a silly thing to care about, but I hated wearing my hair pulled back all these years because of the ugly beige thing. The silver would’ve looked sharp.
No one’s fault. My audie asked what color microphone I wanted and I didn’t know what she was talking about. I figured it was just a little piece. Bah. Too late to exchange.
I’m in a bad mood for other reasons, so excuse me if my excitement is contained. Next time I go in for MAPping, the audie will do a test so we can see how much my hearing has changed.
My ear has been hurting. Have a sharp throbbing pain. It comes and goes. The doctor took a look and it’s an inflammation around the bone probably from the surgery. Got some anti-inflammatory for it.