Gripe Gripe

I am sure the big supporters of the Deaf culture will be thrilled with this post, but I wouldn’t get too thrilled as I was perfectly fine with my digital hearing aids and it is a frustrating time for me. I need to give the whole CI business more time.
I reported the processor broke. It would not turn on at all even though we put fresh batteries in it. Well, we sent it back to the audiologist who said it turns on. But I swear there was NOTHING on the screen and we tried for a long time to wake it up. The processor is taunting me. Making me look bad. Paul was with me. He can confirm I wasn’t high on something when it stopped working.
Argh. That episode with the process set me off because a lot of equipment for those who are deaf or hard of hearing cost a lot of money and never last long. I’ve already had one cable fail. Quality is terrible. So I am thinking that the thingy in my head and other equipment are going to break and this stuff ain’t cheap. Many families could not afford it. I was lucky my parents could get me new hearing aids when I needed it.
Though I can hear from more places in the house and not turn up the volume as much, I haven’t gotten much benefit from the implant otherwise. It takes time especially for someone who was born without hearing. But I am just mad. It’ll pass, I’m sure. Had to get that out of my system.