Meet the Lugnuts

Last week’s therapy included reading a page of sentences, some of which caused my tongue to twist. The fun part was the listening that we did for the latter half of the session. I met the Lugnuts, a family with seven kids. They liked to watch TV all day long, shop at the mail (all of them together!), and sing made up songs. First, I listened to the whole story with the text in front of me. No problem.
Then the therapist played selections out of order and I had to figure out what was said. I started off strong, but then began faltering when we switched from Real Player to Windows Player. Odd, eh? I think the volume changed. Not sure.
We also found another difficult area – words that end in -sked such as asked, masked, and tasked. I had no idea that the -ed was pronounced with a “t” sound. It’s hard to say “skt” as I pause between “k” and “t.”
I’ve been catching myself “hearing” a few words at times. For instance, a friend of mine called and left a message for my son since our sons were scheduled to play together. When the phone rang, I checked caller ID and saw it was her. I listened and heard the first two sentences which mentioned my son’s name and that she would pick him up in 30 minutes. Everything after that was a audio blur. (Found out it that her phone was not charged, so she would not be able to send me a text message as originally planned).