My Implant Hurts

For over a week, my head has been hurting where my implant lives. I couldn’t understand why this was happening as I’ve had the implant for three years. Was my head not borg? Could it actually resist assimilation? I had been having a lot of headaches lately (not just around the implant), so I didn’t realize that the implanted area was also sore until I finally had a few headache-free days.
Yesterday, while driving, it dawned on me. I noticed the middle part of the external implant device (the magnet) had a deep gap. The magnet is adjustable. The deeper it goes, the harder it attaches to the implant. I guess over time, it shifted little by little as I took the implant off when it finally got too attached and hurt. Now it’s back where it needs to be — maybe a little tighter as I have thick curly hair, making it a challenge to get the implant attached.

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  1. I was reading through your blog today and came across the speech therapy lesson focusing on the dang “R.”
    Brought back memories– “R” is my hardest speech sound!

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