New Tools and Technology

Phonak and Cochlear To Develop Hearing Systems to address an unmet medical need, where current external hearing aids, cochlear implants, and middle ear implants (MEIs) cannot provide effective benefits to patients.
A new Internet tool is available to parents to help them monitor their babies’ progress in early speech development. Vocal Development has been designed to share information about early speech development and to provide examples of the speech sounds that children produce before they say words. Even if a child is hearing, it’s still a good resource as it explains what to expect from an auditory standpoint.
It’s similar to writing stages, which progress from early scribbling to controlled scribbling. Babies also often accomplish tasks in order. For instance, rolling over is usually before crawling which comes before walking. It is possible to reverse a task (like my husband who learned to walk before crawling thanks to his older brothers who would not let him crawl.).