Physical Therapy

Today I went back to Southwestern for physical therapy and a mapping session. The physical therapy was for the vestibular problems I’ve been having since the surgery (wooziness, lightheadedness, eye pain). The vertigo (room spinning) ended within a few days after surgery. It’s the other stuff I’ve been having causing my inability to walk in a straight line. The exercises weren’t fun, but they should help and I have to do them daily. They straighten out the screwy wires between the inner ear and the brain.
For instance, I stand about three feet from the wall with words on it. I have to move my head back and forth while focusing on a word. Whoo boy. Then, repeat and move head up and down. Walk and turn head side to side while walking. These may sound easy, but they’re not when you’re in my shoes. Heck, some probably would bother a person who is never dizzy.
I knew I was out of shape when I had to lift one foot Flamingo-style and couldn’t keep my balance. I used to do this easily for over a minute before this mess started and I could not last a few seconds without holding onto something. No fair that I act like a drunk without drinking the good stuff. Seriously, please don’t drive after drinking alcohol no matter how clearheaded you feel.
I had a bad night again last night, but it wasn’t CI-related. I guess I deserved it for trying to treat myself to a frappe. It was the first and only cup of coffee I’ve had in over a month! I miss my coffee! Anyway, the problem is GERD-related and I’m trying to get an appointment with my gastro. Don’t you love trying to get on a specialist’s schedule? We can’t even get my daughter to see a skin doctor for several months.