Safer Cochlear Implant Surgery reports that researchers have developed a safer and less invasive method for doing implant surgery. The procedure doesn’t call for a large scalp ear flap like the current approach does. Another advantage is that the implant is turned on sooner as there is less trauma from the surgery.
I wish I knew what from the surgery caused my severe vertigo. This doesn’t happen to everyone and it certainly scares me away from having a second implant.

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    • Monica on October 4, 2005 at 11:51 am
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    I think it is about time they got a safer implant. I think the implant is great but there are always those high risk. I am glad that the risk have been minimized as well as that the Implant can be turned on earlier. That is always a good thing for people who want to see if it has worked for them sooner than before.

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