I rarely post my personal feelings in a blog, but I am just so frustrated and angry with being cooped up and uncomfortable. No one to talk with since poor Paul is stuck with the house work and managing the kids.
I watched the baby while Paul took the middle child out to run errands. It wasn’t easy watching the baby when my eyes would start reeling as if it was floating in water. In other words, I feel constantly drunk and not in a fun way.
I know it will pass, but it is becoming a nuisance not to get things done and being lonely and stuck in the same room all day with nothing I can really do. I’m sick of all the popcicles and cold stuff. Haven’t had breakfast because I can’t think of anything I can stomach though I’m hungry.
I’ve also lost opportunities or got less of them because of my unexpected health issues this summer. It’s enough to make me want to bang my head on the wall and cry in frustration. Thankfully, I have managed to enjoy my newborn throughout this misery. I’m trying to keep a positive outlook that my new way of hearing will be better than I expect and open new worlds.
I just hope I’m better by Thursday when my girl comes home from camp.