Sound Progress

It’s been three days since I got hooked up. People are asking how it sounds. It sounds like things aren’t loud enough… but if I make it louder, it will not be comfortable. A lot of sounds translate into high pitched sounds as I still have to get used to them.
The most important sound I haven’t heard with the CI is my three-month-old baby. Not even his cries. Thankfully, I did hear his first coos and cries with my hearing aid before the CI. So, at least, I’ve got his sounds in my head.
I can’t stand the sound of running water as it sounds like a continuous high pitch noise. I know, for the most part, what running water sounds like and this ain’t it. It takes time to get used to the CI and wearing it every day brings me a day closer to getting its full benefit. Typing on the keyboard is high pitched like a beep each time I tap. Same goes for the mouse, I hear something more like a beep than a click.
School started today, so I went to the PTA Welcome Back Coffee and meeting. While people were chatting away, I heard a lot of noise and nothing specific. I had to turn down the microphone sensitivity to soften the noise. When the speaker started speaking, I turned it back up. When people talk, it still sounds muffled and unnatural.
If this sounds negative, it’s not meant to be. Just giving the lowdown on where I am today.