Speech Coding Strategies

In exchanging emails with another cochlear implant recipient, he asked what coding strategy I was going to use when hooked up. Imagine a perplexed look on my face. You may think it’s nuts that I’m taking on such a big undertaking that I wouldn’t be up to speed on coding strategies. Remember, I was just barely pregnant when I started the CI investigation and testing. I learned everything I could back in the Fall, made the decision, set a date, and just moved on with current things.
As I mentioned before, July snuck up on me (having a third kid and another surgery will do that to you) causing me to rush to get things done. By the time it arrived, I had no time to refresh my memory on the research — just what I needed to know about the surgery and recovery.
One week from this Friday, I’m getting hooked up. Boy, makes me sound like Data from Star Trek, doesn’t it? There’s the switch, flip it on, sir! I contacted the audiologist and she said we’ll be using the ACE speech coding strategy. The link provides one page of information on speech coding strategies in its simplicity.
Well, isn’t this a nice change? An entry that has nothing to do with how I’m feeling today. I don’t want this to be a whine-blog. My morning was good. After lunch… don’t ask.


  1. Hi Meryl,
    You are one brave woman!
    My daughter-in-law, who is 80% deaf in both ears, & my only grandchild, who is 100% deaf in one ear & 90% in the other, will be undergoing surgery in about 6mo. Your blogging provides excellent first hand information on what its like. I personally suffer from sporadic vertigo (clinical) ,due to a damaged ear while diving & a barnacle resident decided to try my ear as a new home! Vertigo is horrible! It makes you feel so useless, yet Iv’e managed to live with it, work, play & even drive with it. I know what you’re going through & hope everything turns out to your expectations.
    I really enjoy your news, comments & suggestions in the Lockergnome newsletter! Keep up the good work & God Bless YOU!
    PS The above URL is my son’s. He is the father of my grandson & is a Webmaster.

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