Speech Therapy: Those Awful Rs

My speech therapist has been helping me with Rs. They’re difficult to say. Most of the time, my Rs come out like Ws. When I try to form the Rs based on the therapist’s explanations, my mouth feels weird and stupid. That’s one sound I won’t practice in front of people. It’s hard enough doing it in front of her.
When I made a correct R, I put it together with the rest of the word. “R” “abbit.” Sounds like two words instead of one. It’s challenging to get them to flow together while making the R correctly.
Aw, heck, I should make it easier on me and avoid as many words with R as possible. Unfortunately, that’s a difficult task. Otherwise, why would Wheel of Fortune give its contestants the letter R in the final round (along with S, T, L, N, and E)? The show surprises us with many words and phrases that use few of the popular letters. Maybe I need to study up on those for my “Duck the R” project.
It stinks to have an R in my name. I rarely pronounce my name correctly when introducing myself to others. This happened last Friday at a lovely dinner party and it took a friend to help the hostess learn my name. It would be easier to say “Meryl” if I can skip saying my last name. But then people might think I have an ego thinking I’m a hot shot star that goes by one name.