I am having an ENG (electronystagmography) on Monday as the next step to determine why I have dizziness and vertigo. As I’ve previously mentioned, it’s been a problem for many years. It was noticeable in high school, I believe. It has gradually worsened.
I used to be able to ride roller coasters. The last few times I went, I blacked out (not lose consciousness, but everything goes black) on the upside down ones and I got lightheaded on the others. Shame I’ll never get to enjoy a ride with my kids.
The ENG is “a measurement and graphic recording of the changes in electrical impulses created by your eye movements during different conditions. These conditions include changes in your position, voluntary and involuntary eye movement, and thermal (warm and cool air) stimulation of the inner ear. Electrodes will be attached to your forehead and around your eyes and the test takes 1 1/2 to two hours.”