Hospital… Revisited

If you’ve read this blog since the beginning, you know I’ve been in the hospital twice. Once for the implant and once for the after effects when I got dehydrated. Heh, I ended up in the hospital again, but nothing to do with the implant. That’s five times in 16 months. If you want to know more, I’ve posted it in meryl’s notes.
The room I was in last week had a small TV, the one that hangs from the wall like those you see at the blood centers. It had no captions, I’ve yet to see one that small have captions. I am sure there are some, but not when I run into them. NBC didn’t work on that TV. Go figure… it was the only channel I could enjoy without captions because the olympics were on and I can follow sports.
The one good thing about that small room was the button to call the nurse. It didn’t have a speaker, so no one would try speaking to me when I called.
My first room for this weekend’s adventures had a brand new flat screen TV. The only way to get the captions turned on was to fiddle with the options on the side of the screen. Could not do it from bed. Thankfully, tall Paul was there to do it. The TV remote control was on a remote with three buttons: call nurse, light on / off, and TV. I could only go one way in changing the channels. If on channel 5 and wanted to be on channel 4, I had to go through all the channels to get to channel 4.
The second room had the same TV and remote set up. Once again, tall Paul had to turn it on. This time, when I called the nurse, they talked back through the speaker. We had to remind every shift that I couldn’t hear over the speaker. Luckily, I had family with me to help talk to the nurse. But I was alone all morning and without my implant. Thankfully, I had a nurse who came in often enough that I didn’t need to call.