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Here’s a great post from Deaf World as Eye See It of an interview between a Deaf vlogger and a hearing audiologist. When I started this blog — my goal was to educate people what life is like from my perspective as a person born deaf.
With the diversity of backgrounds, hearing loss histories and hearing loss types — I can only represent my point of view. However, deaf people find we share a lot of common traits and experiences. Anyway, I’m straying from the purpose of this post. The interview is an insightful read since it provides another point of view.


  1. Meryl,
    Thank you so much for dedicating your blog entry to my blog, “Deaf World As Eye See It”.
    I am pleased to learn that my publishing the dialogue between an audiologist and Deaf vlogger brought an insightful perspective for you and for your audience.
    It is important that we all have all points of views and balanced too.
    How can we reduce bias amongst the audiologists and cochlear implantation clinics? Bias is a very dangerous word, and it can be very harmful to the families if they did not get all of the information, especially from the deaf community’s perspective.
    Again, thank you for acknowledging my blogsite on your blog.
    Amy Cohen Efron

    • drmzz on August 16, 2007 at 9:32 pm
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    Yea, I read that. Good audiologist. We need honesty rather than deception. All we’re asking from people that can dictate lives is to play fair please.

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